Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stargazer and Dupes!

Stargazer is one of those brands that isn't that well known by people, but in my opinion on a similar par as Mac. Although it is advertised as more of an alternative brand of make-up, I think more people should know about it. From the quality of the products you buy, to the price of them you can't really go wrong. A lot of Stargazers products are good dupes for all sorts of well known higher brand products, like mac's pigments and the famous L'oreal super liner in Carbon gloss.

Just some of the Stargazer products I love!
'Stargazer Glitter Shaker'
This little pot of goodness right here is called 'ONIX'. It's basically what it says it is, glitter! Who doesn't love a bit of glitter right? All of Stargazers Glitter Shaker's are amazing dupes for Mac's pigments, which in this case would be 'Dark Soul'. When I wear this, I tend to always use a primer underneath it, just to prevent any fallout.
RRP: £3
'Liquid Eye Liner'
After using L'oreal super liner in Carbon Gloss for over a year and then suddenly finding out that it's sold out everywhere and now is apparently discontinued I went on a little mission to find the next best thing! Which up to now is this, and yes it is very different looking, but I assure you what matters is what's on the inside. Perfect for everyday use!
RRP: £3
'Blusher 10'
One of the main reasons I love Stargazer so much is because of how pigmented it is for the price you pay. This blusher I've been using for the past 3 months, everyday! and it still looks like it's hardly been touched! Plus the packaging is adorable, you get the compact, and the product lifts up with a little brush inside too!
RRP: £3.50
'Metallic Eye Shadow Pen's'
These babies are some of the softest things I've ever used, they literally just glide on without any effort whatsoever! The only con with these pens are that after a couple of hours they tend to move around a bit on the lid, but with a primer they stay all day/night long. Great for a base and overall colour! Similar to Mac's Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner. (Swatches below).
RRP: £3.50
Stargazer's Metallic Eye Shadow Pen's. Left in Bronze, Right in Brown.


  1. Where can you buy stargazer from lovely?x

  2. You can get it online at or if you live near Manchester a little store in The Arndale sells it :) xx

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for a Blog Award! x

    1. Thank you :). Which award? Sorry I'm still new to blogging! xx