Sunday, 24 June 2012


So here it is, my first ever nail of the day post. The time had come to change the colour once again, this time I wanted something plain, and simple. Nothing to out there, seen as I still have another week of work due to my stupid ankle :(. I also wanted something dark to cover my horribly damaged nails! Let's just say I won't be going anywhere near falsies for the near future!
The gorgeous Barry M's Red Black and No'7's Stay Perfect Top Coat.

I love Barry M nail paints to death, I think they're amazing value for the price, the only con I have ever had with them are that they run out really really quickly. Has anyone else had this happen to them too? I have no idea, but it's worth every penny!
RRP: £2.99 (Available in Boots.)

I have already blogged about No'7's Stay Perfect Top Coat. It's one of my favourites and will repurchase time and time again! If you want to see more about this product it is listed as 'Tiny Haul' blog post.
RRP: £7 (£2 with a £5 No'7 voucher! (Available in Boots.)
Here's what they look like together, I think it's a nice and simple look for everyday :).

What's your favourite nail varnish?


  1. Turned out so vampy!
    It's fab, love your blog babe:)xxx

  2. Thanks, I'm really happy with the result!
    I love your blog too, followed back :) xxx

  3. i really like this colour! it's gorgeous... super chic! xx