Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Benefit Miniatures Review.

Over the past couple months or so I've been somehow collecting more little Benefit products then needed really, but it's all good no-one really complains about cheap make-up! The miniatures that I'm going to review are 'Bad gal lash' a mascara, 'Posie tint' a poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain, 'High beam' basically a highlight, 'The pore fessional' a balm that minimizes pores and 'That gal' a brightening face primer. 

All are sample size and what I've collected out of magazines.
'BAD gal lash'
I'm not going to lie, it's an alright mascara, but I felt as if the wand was too big to do anything with, you couldn't really get the product on it to try properly, I doubt you'd have this problem with the full size though.
(Buildable in length). RRP: £16.50
'Posie tint'
This lip and cheek tint is a great colour for the summer and looks even better with a tan, it's an all around good product and get a lot for your money. The only downfall with this is ladies, if you have a paler skin tone then beware of how much you put on.

 RRP: £15.50
'High Beam'
A luminescent complexion enhancer, or in normal words a highlighter. I personally love this highlighter to death, I think it give enough but not too much to your face, and works great with all skin tones. It's easily blendable with your fingers. If you like your highlight more prominent, you can easily build it up without finishing the whole thing!
RRP: £18.50
'The PORE fessional'
This is a pro balm that's suppose to minimize the appearance of pores. This little bottle kind of scared me at first, it comes out a creamy nude colour and if you're pale like me it probably would scare you too, but once you smooth it out onto your skin, it ends up basically translucent. So far I have only seen the slightest difference.
RRP: £23.50
'That gal'
This little bottle of heaven here is a brightening face primer, and it does exactly what it says! It comes out a light pink colour and has a slight smell of tutti frutti! It make your face look more awake and less dull. Amazing for when you're tired and need a pick me up in your face. Every time I wear this it will always get commented on!
RRP: £21.50


  1. i picked up 'that gal' primer in the magazine, and i'm so tempted to buy the full size, but it's just so expensive!

    take a look at my blog, please!

    1. Me too! It's such a good product but sometimes the price can put you off a little.
      I love your blog, followed straight away! xxx